Which Zone of Rajaji should you choose for sure leopard sighting?

Today you will be able to know which safari zone should be chosen to see leopard in Rajaji National Park.

Ranipur Zone Haridwar

Here you can easily see leopard in the morning and evening. Now summer days are coming, you will mostly see leopards around small pots of water.

Mohand Zone Dehradun

There are more leopards here. Because of this you can see leopard more often in Mohand. Leopards prefer to hide in the grass on trees. 

Chilla Zone Haridwar

Leopard is also often seen in Chilla but it is very difficult to see leopard here. Apart from leopard, you get to see deer, elephant etc.

Motichur Zone Haridwar

This zone is mostly known for elephants. But the tourists coming here often get to see leopards. Mohand would be a better option to find Leopard.

Jhilmil Zone Haridwar

Jhilmil Zone is a suitable place for leopards, most of the tourists come here for bird watching because many species of birds can be seen here.